Eureka MH80

About Taiwan Dry Tech Corp.

Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. was established to apply the dehumidification technology to improve people's lives by providing them with an easy solution for collecting and preserving their precious possessions without fungus & molding. Millions of our customers for Eureka Auto DryBoxes /Fast Super Dryers approve of its fully automation and friendly design eliminating complicated installation and after-service.
    Eureka not only makes people's lives better, but also saves cost & time, reduces power consumption for maintenance of valuable etc.Two series of our products, Auto DryBox and Fast Super Dryer, are also called desiccator, electronic desiccator, auto dry, super dry, dry box, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, electronic dry cabinet, low humidity storage box, low-humidity keeper etc. to serve you all aspects anytime.

It's undoubted that Eureka Dry Cabinet / Dry Box is your first choice in the world.

Why you Need to Use Eureka Auto Dry Box / Dry Cabinet?

When the relative humidity over 60%, the molds grow easily. Molds often attact the coating of the lens surface.

The molds on lenses or CCD will cause unsharp images and huge demage to camera. When it happened on your camera, it will cost a lots of money to repair of it. 

Eureka Auto Dry Box is the most simple way to keep your photogtraphy equipments away from dust, fungus, and moisture demage.

Eureka Dry cabinet use German-made Calibrated Hygrometer, Attained The ISO 9002 Certification, Approved by EN ISO 9001 Registered, CE Approval


Eureka Auto DryBox / Dry Cabinet is an automatic dehumidification storage which is air-tight to protect objects from problems caused by moisture. Eureka Auto DryBox / Dry Cabinet ( also calles desiccator, auto-electronic desiccator, auto dry, dry box, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, dry cabinet, low-humidity storage box, low-humidity keeper etc. ) are suitable for optical photographic equipment, key materials for hi-tech manufacture / R&DK, information media, precision equipment, food and medicine, valuable collections,and so on.


► Extremely flexible space 
With the adjustable upper & lower shelves, it is suitable for storing big and high itmes.


► Organized and easy clean up
With the ability to divide the sliding trays into different areas, itmes can be well organized.


► Convenient storage & retrieval
With the Sliding Trays, not only that you can divide into different areas, but also that you can adjust the height of each tray for many different shapes & sizes. 


► Sliding Trays (for Eureka RT 48c, DX 76, DX 106 & DX126)

⇒Slide them in and out for 
    convenient storage & retrieval
⇒Adjust their height & insert detachable 
    dividers to safely store and organize 
    itmes of many different shapes and sizes.

Eureka DryBox / Dry Cabinet Supreme Features

►  Automatic 25~55%RH at ambient temperature

►  Prevention of wetness, fungus, dust, oxidation, aging & rust

►  Totally silent operation

►  Maintenance free

► It always maintains normal temperature & low humidity, unlike a heated cabinet or dehumidifier, so items are safeguard from deformation due to heat effect.

► It is constructed with a new high-tech material Shape Memory Alloy (SMAs). There is no mechanical motor. It operates silently & is maintenance-free. Similar dry boxes featured with Shape Memory Alloy have already enjoyed decades of maintenance-free use.

► Using a fine chemical desiccant, which may be used over and over again, saves electricity & resources without consumables.

► Fast Super Dryer provides real dehumidified limit for <20%RH, or <10%RH, or <5%RH with recovery time less than 30 min.

► Fast Super Dryer reaches low humidity without N2 / dry air purge, dehumidification at room temperature and full automatic operation with low power consumption.

How Does the Auto Dry Box Work?

Dehumidifying Principles
1.  Each Dehumidifying Cycle involves 4 hours. The first 0.5 hour is at “Exhaustion Stage” and the next 3.5 hour is at “Adsorption Stage”.

2.  Exhaustion Stage: The moisture inside the drying unit is exhausted into the air. During this stage, the indicator inside the cabinet is light on and the back indicator in the back of cabinet is light on.The valves are opened outwards and closed inwards in order to exhaust moisture out of the Auto DryBox from saturated desiccants in the Dry Unit.

► Part of Eureka's Clients' Application Cases:

Lens Fungus Problem


Mr. Yu is a photographer. He owned lots of professional lens. He always said “Humidity” is “LENS KILLER”. Moisture is the greatest enemy of photographic equipment. As optical lens are exposed to more than 60%RH, they are threaten by mildew which causes irreversible damages on commodity and your fortune.
One of the reasons of optical equipment moldy is humidity. Mildew are generated and proliferated at >60%RH & 12~38℃. Fungus growth will speed up at 80-95 %RH. Once mildew growth on lens, the taken photos/images would lose resolutions and values.
Traditionally, lens protected from moisture damages are put in a simple plastic box with desiccant bags without RH monitor. The desiccant bags need to be renewed regularly. If not renewing regularly, the RH inside the box will increase dramatically, so as to cause bigger problems.

Optical lens and digit-controller/ sensor/ processor shall be well protected at 40%~50%RH with automatic controlling.

Arrow Film Production Co.

Arrow Film Production Co. is the one of the most famous movie production company in Taiwan.
They provide professional equipment leasing service. The professional photographic equipment is easier to getting mildewing, aging, oxidizing and rust. They chose Eureka Auto Dry box to avoid the problem as above. Therefore, the Arrow Film Production Co. economized a huge amount of maintenance charges. 

Taipei National University of Art

Amateur photographer

Mr. Chang is an amateur photographer. He chose Eureka Auto Dry box to storage his camera and long lens.